“With a sultry, sexy, captivating voice hitting your blues muse, coupled with her attractive stage presence and witty banter, CK Chance is sure to entertain you. Couple her with the multi-talented instrumentalist (solid soulful blues rock guitar and tasty keyboard rhythms and melodies), Jig Wiggler will satisfy your musical desire for a rock hard experienced musician (who sings as well), Chance and Circumstance will leave you just wanting more.”

Captain Phil

The Cosmic Transport Co.

“Chance and Circumstance has been a big support to Charleston Animal Society’s chili cook-off and oyster roast the past few years!  The crowd loves the dynamic of Jig and CK. They play a good mix of music and keep the audience engaged! We’ve known Jig for years and they do well in a small intimate setting as well as our large crowd of 7500!  We are looking forward to having them involved again this year!  Thank you for all you do to support the animals of our community through the gift of your music! ❤ ”  

Elena Lawson

Director, Special Projects & Business Partnerships, Charleston Animal Society

Chance and Circumstance is a music collaboration project between singer-songwriters CK Chance and Jig Wiggler. It was formed out of the need to get back to what’s important for each of us – writing, recording, and performing music that is meaningful and evokes emotions.  Please check out our website…you will find Bios, News , Show Dates and a selection of various types of Media.